Contributions of the Mayan Civilization

Mayan Mask

Mayan contributions are many. They developed an advanced writing system. The Mayans discovered the zero value in mathematics, at about the same time it was discovered in India and later passed onto the Arabs. Their astronomic forcasts based on mathematical calculations and scientific observations were amazing and still are.

The 360° Zodiac at 10°, 15° South, 76° West.

They prepared a calendar more accurate then the Georgian, and in the field of medicine they performed intercranial surgical operations.

Incan Calendar

The Mayans were also gifted mathmaticians who independently developed the concept of zero, and astronomers who deduced that a solar year was slightly more than 365 days. Despite these achievements the Mayans and other Meso-American civilizations failed to discover the use of the wheel.
They perfected techniques of architecture, heiroglyphics, agriculture, and metallurgey.
Gold Metallurgy

Many of our foods (corn, squash, chocolate, tropical fruits, turkeys) were perfected by the Mayans, as was the production of cotton. Mayan weaving is considered the finest in textiles.

Mayan Textiles

Mayan Jewllery is also one of the finest.

Quetzalcoatl Ring